Last Name First Name Email Grades Title
Austin Charles Grade 5 Grade 5FI Teacher
Beaven Lois Grade 1 Grade 1 Teacher
Chapman Paula Grade 2 Principal and Grade 2 teacher
Daley Brittany Kindergarten Kindergarten Teacher
Kennedy-Jamieson Cheryl Grade 1 Grade 1 FI Teacher
Knowles Celina Grade 2 Grade 2 Teacher
Lebreton Manon Grade 2 Grade 2 FI Teacher
MacDonald Tracy Guidance Guidance
MacQuarrie Natasha Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 Music & Phys-Ed Specialist
Martinello Cynthia Methods and Resource Methods and Resource
McLaughlin Patrick Grade 2 Vice Principal, Grade 2 & Phys-Ed Specialist
McLean Sonia Grade 1 Grade 1FI Teacher
Smith Lyndsay Kindergarten Kindergarten Teacher
Stever Jessi Grade 2 Methods and Resource and Grade 2 teacher
Stever Kezia Grade 5 Grade 5IF Teacher
Thompson-Hunter Julie Grade 3 Grade 3 Teacher