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K to 5 Music

Posted: January 12, 2022

K-2 Rhythm Play Along

Posted: January 12, 2022

3-5 Music Activity

Gift this rhythm play along a try.  Have you seen the movie Encanto?  I have heard it's amazing!

Posted: January 11, 2022

3-5 Song

I heard this song over Christmas break and I loved it!  It shows us that even though things can be tough we can make it through the storm.  It would be a nice song to sing when we get back together in music class!  Have fun singing.

Posted: January 11, 2022

K-2 January Song

Let sing together a song for the first month of the year!

Posted: January 11, 2022

HelloTFES students!  Happy New Year welcome back to online learning.  I am excited to show you some news songs, styles and lessons.  Stayed tune to this page for information for grades K-2 and 3-5!  

Posted: November 12, 2021

Paired Eighth Notes Review

Let's review paired eighth notes!

Posted: November 12, 2021

Single Eighth Note Review

Let's review the single eighth note!

Posted: November 12, 2021

Quarter Note Review

Let's review the quarter note today!

Posted: November 12, 2021

Story Time!

It's story time in our virtual music room.  The story teller is here to read you a book titled Allegro.  Allegro is a music term it tells you the tempo of a song.  Do you remember what tempo means?  Can you find out what the word allegro means?

Posted: November 10, 2021

K-2 Music Class

Another fantastic class with Miss Lindsey, enjoy everyone!


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