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Home Learning with Mr. McLaughlin, Mrs. Chapman and Ms. Jessi

Posted: November 8, 2021

Grade 2E Video Chat
Hello! This is the info for a zoom call on Tuesday at 2pm. We hope our students can join us to say hello!
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Time: Nov 9, 2021 02:00 PM Halifax
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Posted: November 8, 2021

Hello Grade 2!

Welcome to your Home Learning for Monday! What are you learning today?

Exploration with Ms. Jessi: This week Ms. Jessi has included three attachments to explore French vocabulary for colours through songs, scavenger hunt and art.

Literacy with Mr. McLaughlin: Today you have two new videos from Mr. M to help with your reading and writing.

Math with Mrs. Chapman: Start at 50 and count backwards by 2s. Can you go forwards and backwards to 100?   

Go on a scavenger hunt to find numbers around the house. Example: a clock, a remote. Where do you see numbers? Write the numbers you see. 

If you have a pack of cards at home, here are two games you will remember playing in class:

·         Place Value Number Battle

o   Materials: Deck of cards with the face cards and 10s removed, Ace worth one

o   Skill: Number recognition, place value, order, and sequencing

o   How to Play: Players split a deck of cards and flip over their top two cards to create a 2-digit number. Players may move the cards and place in any position of the number they wish. Highest number wins all the cards.


·         Give Me 10

o   Materials: Deck of cards with the face cards removed. Ace is worth one.

o   Skill: Number recognition and addition

o   How to Play: Deal 10 cards face up.

o   Players take turns finding and removing combinations of cards that add up to 10.



Have a great start to your week, boys and girls!


Posted: November 8, 2021

Posted: November 8, 2021

Posted: November 5, 2021

Happy Friday Boys and Girls!

Today you have a new video from Mr. M for literacy and you will be going on a Math Scavenger Hunt in Math.

Find numbers in magazines or flyers that you have around the house that you have permission to cut. Try to find numbers up to 100 (or even higher if you want to try 3 digit numbers). Glue your numbers in order on paper (or construction paper if you have some at home)  and read the numbers to an adult.

Spend some time on Dream Box using your password as well.

We hope you can join us this morning at 9am on zoom using the link below.

Have a great weekend!

Posted: November 5, 2021

Posted: November 4, 2021

We hope you can join to chat about your week!
Topic: Grade 2E
Time: Nov 5, 2021 09:00 AM Halifax
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Posted: November 4, 2021

Good Morning Friends!

What will you be learning today?

Literacy: Today, Mr M has posted a video about adding dialogue in your stories. What will you characters be saying in your story? 

Math: Today, Math Wizards, you will be practicing your counting by 2s all the way to 100 AND back. Can you get all the way to 100 yet? Maybe you can count by 2s to 30 or 40. Good for you! See if you can get even farther today!

In Grade 2 we will be learning about the calendar and today Mrs. Chapman has attached a November calendar below. Open up this Novemeber calendar by clicking on the attachment and see if you can answer these questions: How many days are there in November? How many weeks? Point to today's day and date. How many days are there until Remembrance Day on November 11th? What day will be Remembrance Day be on? Do you or someone in your family have a birthday in November? What day and date will it be on?

Don't forget about Dreambox for additional math activities and remember to check out Ms. Jessi's weekly Exploratory challenge, Mr. M's Phys-ed page and Mrs. MacQ's music page.

Have a great day, Grade 2!

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Posted: November 4, 2021

Good Morning Friends!

We are looking forward to chatting with you today at 2:00. The invite was posted yesterday on this page and we are hoping some of you can join us!

What are you learning today?

Literacy: Check out the latest writing video posted below by Mr. M. 

Math: Today you will be practicing your counting by 2s backwards and completing a place value activity by counting some items around the house and showing the tens and ones in the number. Record your work, date it and bring it to school when you return or take a photo to show me @ paula.chapman@nbed.nb.ca

1. Count with someone at home by counting backward from 100 by 2s. I have attached a hundreds chart to help you if needed.

2. Find and count some items around the house: toothpicks, marshmallows, beans, cheerios etc. Write the numbers on a piece of paper or use the recording sheet attached below. How many 10s? How many 1’s. Record the tens and ones and draw the base ten blocks if you can. Try as many as you would like! Take a look at the attached recording sheet below for an example. 

Have a great day, Grade 2!

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