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Healthy Learners Program: Active Summer File active_summer_-_may_2017_final.pptx May 19, 2017
April 2nd EECD Announcement-Continuity of Learning Plan PDF icon eecd_announcement_april_2_continuity_of_learning_plan.pdf Apr 2, 2020
April 2nd Information Regarding School Access PDF icon school_access_april_2.pdf Apr 2, 2020
CoVID-19 Operational Plan for TFES 2020-2021

CoViD-19 Operational Plan

Terry Fox Elementary School


PDF icon tfes_operational_plan_covid_2020-21.pdf Sep 3, 2020
Updated Operational Plan for October 2020 File tfes_operational_plan_covid_2020-21_october_2020.docx Oct 20, 2020
Making the Choice for French Immersion Microsoft Office document icon making_the_choice-asd-n.doc Jan 25, 2021
Parent Memo, January 25th
  • Attached please find some clarifying points regarding expectations for schools during Lock Down, Red and Orange phases of recovery.


File parent_memo_january_25_2021.docx Jan 26, 2021
School Supply Letter File school_supply_letter_for_the_summer.docx Jun 29, 2021
Important Information from our Education Minister PDF icon letter_from_minister_-_students_and_families_oct_27_1.pdf Oct 27, 2021
Letter to Parents Re: Home Learning PDF icon A letter from our Superintendent, Mark Donovan Nov 1, 2021
Snow Day Choice Board for Families PDF icon snow_day_choice_board_2.pdf Dec 6, 2021
Health Info: Yoga for K-12 File health_info_-_yoga_-_k_to_12_final_jan_2017.pptx Jan 9, 2017
Winter Active Health Info Office presentation icon winter_active_-_january_2017_-_k_to_8_final.ppt Jan 20, 2017
Healthy Learners Program for February

Photos and Texting Part 2

Office presentation icon health_info_-_texting_-_part_2_-_grades_9_to_12_-_feb._2017_final.ppt Feb 3, 2017
Healthy Learners Program for February

Photos and Texting Part 1

Office presentation icon health_info_-_photos_and_texting_-_k_to_grades_8_-_feb._2017fianl.ppt Feb 3, 2017
Chaleur Autism & Asperger Family Centre Microsoft Office document icon november_2015.doc Calendar Oct 22, 2015
For those interested... A forum for families and professionals to discuss mental health issues PDF icon forum_2015_-_preliminary_program_oct_8.pdf Memo Oct 21, 2015
Health Info - Positive Thinking - Healthy Leaners Program - April 13th to April 24th, 2015. Office presentation icon positive_thinking__final_april_2015.ppt Memo Apr 13, 2015
Healthy Learners Program Office presentation icon grain_products_portions_-_october_2015_final.ppt Other Oct 16, 2015
Helmets File helmets-june_2015-final.pptx Other Jun 5, 2015


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